Event Registration - Mothers of North Arlington

How to Talk to Children and Adolescents about Race
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

In "How to Talk to Children and Adolescents about Race," parents gain a better understanding of how to effectively talk with children about issues related to race, second language, immigration and forms of bias and oppression of one group by another. This workshop presents concrete strategies including how to watch for teachable moments and how to engage your children and others in these difficult conversations. Participants leave with resources to help expand their knowledge and skills to talk about race.

This workshop is developed and provided by Arlington's own, Challenging Racism, and moves participants from a belief that racism is the work of bad individuals and individual acts to an understanding that racism is a system of White advantage all of us participate in whether we intend to or not. We own these advantages and can work to eliminate their consequences by working for equity. It is a facilitated experience to engage participants with critical content and start them thinking about racism in a new way. 

This workshop would normally cost $125 per person. MONA is able to offer this virtual session to its members for $20.

Location: Virtual

Registration ends on 8/8/2020