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Freshen up your trash and recycling bins with Clean Bins!
8/17/2020 - 7/30/2021

Looking for the Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Smelly, Gross Trash Cans?Clean bins (https://rcleanbins.com) will come right to your door and sanitize your bins, leaving them smelling fresh and bacteria free. The idea is simple, you sign up for one of two services below, leave your empty bin/s at the bottom of your driveway on a pre-assigned day, and voila! They will even place your clean bins back at the top of your driveway after they are done.
The MONA sponsored pricing for the Clean Bin services is as follows:
  • One time clean, 1/2 bins for $30/$65 (regular price is $40/$80) 
  • Bimonthly prepaid plan, 1/2 bins for $110/$135 (regular price is $125/$150)


Fine print:

  • First service will be the week of August 17 and the bimonthly prepaid plan includes 5 cleanings to be done in August 2020, October 2020, March 2021, May 2021 and July 2021
  • Bins are cleaned on a pre-assigned day, and MUST be empty or in one bag for easy cleaning.
  • Clean Bin will send one reminder via email and a second one via text; however, if the bin is not available, they will move onto the next house and the service will be considered done.
  • Bins with unbagged pet waste WILL NOT be cleaned.
  • Bins with paint/tar/gum and like substances may take more than one cleaning
  • Prepaid contracts will transfer to new owner, and not to new home
  • Customers that wish to skip a cleaning must call or email 24 hours prior to their scheduled cleaning day in order to not lose that cleaning  

Location: In your own driveway